haul gallery art share


The haul gallery art share is a new initiative by haul gallery beginning in the year 2021. The artshare will be structured around one year’s worth of exhibitions and other programming organized by haul gallery. Investors in the art-share can participate by purchasing ‘shares’ at the beginning of the year, which guarantees them a certain number of artworks – delivered to them throughout the year. The money from each share will go directly to each artist participating in the share, prior to their scheduled exhibition.


Inspirations for the model

Our main source of inspiration for an artshare was the way that community farm-shares are structured and organized. In a farm-share, community organizers work with a local farm (or farms) to bring food directly from the farm to participants in the farm-share. Shares are purchased at the beginning of the year, paying for a weekly bundle of seasonal produce, eggs, fruit, etc. Through this model, the farm is paid up front for its food and labor, allowing for a recurring and financially sustainable model. 


Another inspiration (and a core part of our mission as a gallery) is finding ways to make artists money up front. Often, when galleries ask artists to have shows, it is with the stipulation that the artist must cover (for the most part) production costs, the artist’s time/labor, and the financial risk of selling or not selling the work once the show is up. The gallery on the other hand, incurs little if any financial risk or monetary losses. For a gallery to be able to front artist-production costs, the gallery must sell high-priced artwork to massively wealthy individuals – something that haul gallery specifically does not do. Our goal for this artshare is to be a way to pay artists up front for exhibitions of their work. Using this model, the artist is paid regardless of whether or not work sells at a particular show. 


How it works

The haul gallery 2021 art-share will occur from February 2021 – December 2021. This time period will consist of 6 solo shows. Each art-share costs $1,000, 100% of which will go directly to each artist prior to their show. Purchasing a share also guarantees the shareholder 3 artworks created by 3 of the artists below (to be chosen by the gallery). These artworks will be delivered or shipped directly to each shareholder periodically throughout the year. 


In summary:

1 x 2021 artshare – $1,000 (with an option to pay in 3 installments)

Shareholder receives 3 artworks throughout the year – haul gallery will decide from which artists, considering the interests of each shareholder.

If you are interested in buying a share, please email hi@haul.gallery for more information.