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haul gallery art share

enroll via Patreon

1 artwork every 4 months

3 artworks every year

(haul gallery will select the artworks based on the participant's interests)

Studio Visit printed zine for every exhibition

(zine share only is available for $10 per month)



$1,500 annually

$125 monthly

$1,000 to the artists

$500 to haul gallery

2023 artists:

Ibisazi Designers Nyabyo

Jason Blue Lake Medicine Eagle Martinez

Charlotte Zinsser

Zakariya Abdul-Qadir

the haul art share - a share-based financial model with a goal of paying artists up-front for exhibitions while also selling art affordably.

the haul art share is an optional program where participating artists contribute 3 artworks at some point within the year in exchange for $1,000 paid to them in advance of their scheduled solo show at haul. Interested collectors purchase “shares” in exchange for 3 artworks by participating artists throughout the year.

Inspirations for the model

Our main source of inspiration for an art share was the way that community farm-shares are structured and organized. In a farm-share, community organizers work with a local farm (or farms) to bring food directly from the farm to participants in the farm-share. Shares are purchased at the beginning of the year, paying for a weekly bundle of seasonal produce, eggs, fruit, etc. Through this model, the farm is paid up front for its food and labor, allowing for a recurring and financially sustainable model. 


pictured above: Marvin Touré


pictured above: Pat McNabb and Corinna D'Schoto


pictured above: Charlie Perez-Tlatenchi


pictured above: manuel arturo abreu (left), marcus scott williams (right)

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