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Descendente (La Ley Del Monte)

Charlie Perez-Tlatench


When the landscape is prefigured as uninhabited - voids occur. 


These gaps have a range. 

Some are porous and some are chasms where              are let out and some are let in. 


Non-sites, in proximity to other sites.

Forgetting a line of the lyrics. The song sings whether we sing along or not. 


Images travel from substrate to substrate. 

A palimpsest of the archive that moves from sacred text, to the Zapatista land struggle, to the 1976 film 

La Ley Del Monte, to the bodega, to the artists’ studio. 


A new body to inhabit for a time. 


The thing, the place becomes an echo. Out of synch but still in time.


Poor images are images. 

They yield multitudes of here and there. 


Then and and and and and. 


A place made into a space. Histories, different media and textures create a dynamic composite that holds all of the defaced, torn, scratched, burned and slashed substrates together. The violence speaks in relief to the topography of the surface.


When an image travels from plain to plain some things are lost. Some things are remembered. 

A remembering and a rearticulation.


These places, these histories and the way that they are mediated begin to breathe again. 


Written by Andrew Lee

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