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On Me: A Themoir

marcus scott williams

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haul gallery is excited to announce On Me: A Themoir, a solo show by marcus scott williams. For the exhibition, marcus has created a space focused on his own life story, and the complex and often communal ways in which personal histories develop and shape understandings of one’s surroundings. marcus, as both a writer and visual artist, has focused this show’s subject matter on himself, presenting an almost-retrospective of his videos and writings. However, in a contrast to his own telling, visitors are also invited to write marcus’ life story for themselves. 


The gallery has been transformed into an intimate space for reflection, reading, and writing. Carpet covers the floor of the space alongside soft armchairs. On the wall, visitors can choose from a selection of videos marcus has made and watch them at their leisure. Various reading materials are available to enjoy at a desk. QR codes are throughout the space for visitors to write the story of marcus scott williams. 


"take the me out memoir, we all in here."

— msw


This exhibition also coincides with the publication of marcus’ new book, say less.

marcus scott williams is a writer and artist whose works include the books "Sparse Black Whimsy: A Memoir," and the upcoming "say less" and "damn near might still be is what it is". his work explores improvisation, the creation of comfortable spaces, and care. "On Me: A Themoir" is his first solo exhibition.

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