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haul pays

70% to artists

over $200

100% to artists

$200 and under

haul costs

haul's collectors
so far

lauren oliver
aaron krach
daisy vega
judith sampson
joel sobaszek
areni nuyujukian
jamie russell
ed brandenburg
betty lee
esteban lee-oneal
rex oneal
ryan harrison
benjamin tischer
quinn tivey
randy west
naomi huth
ruby lindsey
joseph wilcox
maria padilla
cameron king
ana conner
iain emaline
michael gao

please note: our transparent collector list was implemented in 2020 and does not reflect all buyers in 2019

haul gallery guidelines

We seek to create a gallery that functions differently than others - financially, socially, transparently - to not rely on the extremely wealthy in order to operate, while still paying artists a higher than standard percentage of our sales. 

1. Transparent buyer list. Anyone who buys work from us will have their name listed on our website. We firmly believe in being as transparent as possible about how we operate and who we affiliate with. We hope that people can feel good about being listed, and this can further promote a wider definition of 'collector' that is about loving an artist's work and supporting them rather than buying art as a financial asset.

2. No discounts. Everyone gets the same price.

3. All previews, price lists, and available works will be listed on our website. Continuing our efforts to be accessible to all, we want anyone and everyone interested in the shows we put on to know about them, and have all of the info possible. 

4. No art fairs. Frankly, we feel that they are wasteful, expensive, and ultimately exist for the extremely wealthy. We are going to find other ways to do show art outside of the gallery.

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