haul pays

70% to artists

over $200

100% to artists

$200 and under

haul costs

haul's collectors

so far

lauren oliver

aaron krach

daisy vega

judith sampson

joel sobaszek

areni nuyujukian

please note: our transparent collector list was implemented

in 2020 and does not reflect buyers from 2019

haul gallery 2020 guidelines

Since our founding, it has been really important for us to create a gallery that functions differently than others - financially, socially, transparency-wise - to not rely on the extremely wealthy in order to operate, while still paying artists a higher than standard percentage of our sales. In that spirit, we have decided that each year we will try out a series of guidelines that we do our best to abide by for that year. Maybe some of these ideas won't work as well as we hoped, but hopefully, some of them will be great and will stay long-standing parts of how we exist as a gallery.


1. Price cap. For this year, we intend to only sell works that are $1,000 and under. We made this decision in an effort to make the work that we show accessible and affordable to a larger group of people. We want our peers to be included in our collector base, and hope that this will help achieve that.

2. Transparent buyer list. Anyone who buys work from us will have their name listed on our website. We firmly believe in being as transparent as possible about how we operate and who we affiliate with. We hope that people can feel good about being listed, and this can further promote a wider definition of 'collector' that is about loving an artist's work and supporting them rather than money. 

3. No discounts. As transparency is super important to us, we think discounts are weird, and want everyone to get the same price. 

4.  All previews, price lists, and available works will be listed on our website. Continuing our efforts to be accessible to all, we want anyone and everyone interested in the shows we put on to know about them, and have all of the info possible. 

5. No art fairs. Frankly, we feel that they are wasteful, expensive, and ultimately exist for the extremely wealthy. We don't feel like art fairs are our vibe, so we are going to avoid them and find other creative ways to do things outside of the gallery.