haul gallery

178 walworth st. 1st floor

brooklyn, ny

temporarily closed due to the spread of COVID-19 in New York.

expected reopening in August 2020.

follow us on Instagram for online programming


open saturdays and sundays 11-6

or by appointment on weekday evenings

haul gallery does not rely on artist sales in order to remain operational. we are transparent about our finances. we want to find ways to sell work that's not easily sold. we want to reconsider who buys art, other than the extremely wealthy.

haul gallery is located in a shared commercial building, accessible by a staircase which may present difficulties for those with physical disabilities.


We apologize for this.


Please email us for documentation and information on our programming if you would like to view shows but have accessibility needs that our space doesn’t meet.

(we copied part of this statement because we think it's very well written)