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oct. 31st - dec. 6th 2020

Charlie Perez-Tlatenchi

Martha Naranjo Sandoval

KC Crow Maddux

available works here


artists: Martha Naranjo Sandoval, KC Crow Maddux, Charlie Perez-Tlatenchi

Weekends October 31 - December 6, 2020 

closed November 28 - 29

Following our previous show TEXTS, stories also examines how language is used in the current moment. stories, however, focuses on the intimate: family history, the body, and one’s childhood environment. In doing, broader subjects are brought inward: gentrification, immigration, and the public understanding of gender are all layered in the stories told by these artworks.


They thrive in their details — many of these works are small and require close, delicate viewing. Martha Naranjo Sandoval’s stereoscopic slides can only be viewed one-at-a-time using a viewer and sunlight from a window. Her collages are the size of printed personal photos (4 x 6 inches). KC Crow Maddux’s wall works, while almost human-scale, feature a myriad of tiny details that can only be seen up close, like getting to know your own body, or the body of someone close to you. Charlie Perez-Tlatenchi’s collages are the size of a piece of printer paper, like flyers posted on a wall. They mix together details of people’s community-based experiences in Sunset Park, the Brooklyn neighborhood where he was born.

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